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Designing and manufacturing of ventillation dampers, architectural and mechanical louvers for all types of buildings and equipments of any size.  



We treat our clients, colleagues and our partners with respect and dignity 


Our priority is customer satisfation


We are responsible for the quality of the products delivered and we are commited to continuous improvement of ouyr processes. 

State-of-the-art equipments

In 2015, TROLEC invested more than 500 000$ to reorganize its manufacturing plant. New and modern equipments were added and several new employees, including specialized engineers, joined the existing team. These improvements brought efficiency to production in order to reduce production times without comprimising quality. 

Concern for the environment

Trolec's design team is always looking for new solutions to improve its industry and support our clients. We understand that the ""LEED'' certification is a growing demand by architects, project managers and decision makers. Our goal is to use processes and products that can meet environmental objectives.