Insulated extruded aluminum single blade damper
  • Frame: extruded aluminium (6063-t6) resin thermal barrier, RX ISO insulation
  • Blades: extruded aluminium (6063-t6) resin thermal barrier, insulation: urethane R7
  • Square or rectangular for fresh air intake and exhaust


  • Weather strips frame : Silicone resin moulding
  • Choice of parallel or opposed blade action
  • Frames inserted in duct or flanged type frames
  • Bearings : bronze, ball bearings or stainless steel
  • Painting: Acrythane Sico treatment


Ideal for severe cold weather climates down to -30 degrees Farenheight.
Generally use to create a thermal barrier between outside air temperature and Interior temperature.


VAPI90SB PDF Specifications
VAP90SB PDF Specifications