Penthouses with variable dimensions with self-supporting structure, roof rafters and adapted corner posts according to extrusion and components types.

Modular conception: when dimensions contravene to transport parameters and to constraint job sites.


  • Paint colour: Acrythane Sico
  • Anodized light
  • Anodized colour
  • Obturator panels (with or without insulation)
  • Dissimulated doors
  • Strap-hinge door with padlocked latch (stainless steel)
  • Retractable roof (option on strap-hinge)
  • Wire mesh floor, insulated floor
  • Filter supports
  • Three side assembly corners
  • Internal divisions (with or without insulation)


big air volume (60,000 CFM and more)

MODULAR CATEGORY (#3) PDF Specifications