Louvers play an important role in today's modern architecture; functionnally and aesthetically. Their practical task is to permit the passage of air into or out of a building while excluding undesirable weather elements. However, they have an important decorative function too and must complement the total architectural concept.

Available in standard, geometrical or irregular shapes or according to architectural design. Made of extruded aluminium or galvanized steel.

  • Width of two, four or six inches as needed.
  • Blades of 30 or 45 degrees.
  • Frames type T for wall installation or type H to   connect directly on the ventilation duct.
  • Blades type W storm proof or generally employed   for fresh air intake.
  • Blades type Z for air exhaust.


  • Choice of birdscreens or insect screen.
  • Natural aluminium finished, anodized or Sico   acrylic paint.(choice of colors).
  • Effective back parts are sealed and covered with   rigid insulation to prevent thermal transfer.