Building the future… since 1971

From humble beginnings to sustainable growth

Trolec Inc. is founded by Roger Fortier in 1971 and shares the same office as family company Climatisation Fortier et Frères during its early years

Over time, Mr. Fortier helps the company build a solid reputation based on specialized expertise and dedicated customer service. After many years of success, the business moves to its own facilities in Saint-Hubert, on Losch Boulevard.

A new factory

In 2007, growing demand requires moving again – right next door – in a modern 30,000 sq. ft. facility on Thibault Avenue.

The new factory includes an administration office, a showroom, production facilities and even a paintshop. A large warehouse provides increased inventory of extruded aluminum sections, most orders are now assembled and processed in mere days.

An extended product offering

During the same period, Mr. Fortier invites Alain Rajotte, general manager and a key member of the organization since day one, to take over as CEO. Under Mr. Rajotte’s guidance, Trolec Inc. earns an enviable position among Quebec’s leading damper and louver manufacturers.

New facilities make it possible to produce a broader range of sheet-metal products: roof curbs, sleeve adaptors, screens, air volume boxes… Company management (including Alain Rajotte and Suzanne Ménard, Chief Financial Officer) also secures strategic partnerships to become the authorized dealer for several complementary products, such as servomotors, fire dampers, access doors, hardware…

Trolec experts are always on the lookout for innovative solutions that foster industry advancement, support architecture and promote the usage of LEED building materials.

The Trolec team (valuable experience)

Today, Nathalie Fortier – CEO and daughter of the company’s founder – can count on the loyalty and support of an experienced team. Together, Alain Rajotte (General Manager, 34 years of service at Trolec), Suzanne Ménard (Chief Financial Officer, 10 years of service at Trolec) and Guy Gemme (Production Director, 31 years of service at Trolec) lead a team of 32 specialists who work together every day at making Trolec Inc. an industry innovation leader.